Tuesday, April 13, 2010

WhErE havE i bEEN?!?

Just awaiting spring!!! (and yes those are baseball pants Tryce is wearing...he won't take them off-dork)

Hayes is 2 and Tryce is 5!!

In March my baby turned 2 and my Tryce turned 5!!! Holy cow look out kindergarten!! Hayes got a cute trike and Tryce got a ton of baseball stuff because he is more than a little obsessed!! And we got to go bowling to celebrate!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

HapPy HalLoweEn!!

Is it me or has Halloween lasted forever this year?!? Tryce dressed up for preschool on Wednesday and he was Buzz Lightyear for that and Thursday Toby dressed up for his Halloween parade at school! Then Friday my mom had her big Halloween party! Then of course Saturday was the actual big day!! Toby was Megatron this year and Tryce was Optimus Prime and Hayes was Scooby Doo! The boys had a blast as usual!!
The boys

Scooby Doo
Kids at Grandma Thurza's
Tryce and the donut on the string game
Toby and the donut game
The kids at Grandma Barbara's
Some of my moms food

Tryce at preschool
Toby at the school parade

Thursday, October 22, 2009

PumPkiN PatCh!

My boys love to go to the Big Red Barn to pick out pumpkins!! So here we are...
Tryce, Hayes and Toby
Cutie pie Hayes!

Tryce for some reason thought he was part of this way cute random family :) haha really they are our good friends that were able to come at the last minute!! That's how we roll-not planners!!

Toby and his "perfect" pumpkin!
Tryce's favorite thing was to make "smoke" which is just sliding in the dirt!
The pumpkin I told Toby was definitely not "perfect"!
Tryce amongst pumpkins!

Now the super fun task of carving pumpkins at their Grandma Thurza's in a few days!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

FaMilY PicTuRes!!

So my good friend who is am amazing photographer took our family pictures recently!! They turned out fantastic!! There are new ones of my kids on the side here but rather than me upload them all I will just have to send you to her blog if you want to check them out!! http://photographybyjocelin.typepad.com/photography_by_jocelin/2009/10/trains.html

Monday, August 31, 2009

FirSt DaY oF PreSchOoL!!

Tryce had his first day of preschool today! He was so excited!! He woke at 8 and from there on out every 3 minutes he asked if it was time to go! And it doesn't start until 11:30...so somewhat frustrating for us both! And then when I told him he needed to eat a sandwich before that threw him off...he thought he just finished breakfast! Who eats lunch at 11?!?

Friday, August 21, 2009

1st DaY oF 1st GraDe

Wednesday was Toby's first day of first grade! He was so excited to go all day and eat lunch at school! As for me...not so much!! It is sad when your kid is at school all day!! And boy did we miss him! He loved it!! Which is great but when I got to thinking about it, his teacher sees him more than me!! That's when I got really depressed!! He let me walk him to school and everything but as soon as he spotted his friends he was running after them! It's going to be quite the adjustment!!!!

haha look you can see a nerdy mom taking a picture!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


So I was trying not to do picture overload but we just did so much fun stuff while we were in California!! So I apologize for so many pictures! We rented a beach house with a pool in the back yard so we hung out at the pool, went to Legoland, the beach, baseball games, Torrey Pines (the guys anyway), Disneyland and Seaport Village! We fit a lot of stuff in to one week! SO FUN!!! I can't wait until our next trip!




So at the end of our vacation I asked my kids what their favorite part was. And Toby said Disneyland which I expected because he had a blast. I figured Tryce's answer would be about the same but he said it was going to get a Slurpee!! What a goofball!!!